Guilty pleasures, parenting edition.

The years go by quickly and the little moments go by even quicker. I've always loved look through old letters, antique shops and photos. It doesn't matter to me if I knew the people or not, but it makes it even more special when I do. Years ago, I came across an old photo of... Continue Reading →

Last minute board game gifts for everyone

Over the years it's become a family tradition to play board games during the holidays. My husband and I always research the newest family friendly games before playing on Christmas Eve. There have definitely been a few that have fallen short and made it straight into the donation bin. Most years, we do end up... Continue Reading →

A new year, an old resolution

I've struggled with my choices in this life for nearly 10 years. Did I make the right choice in school? In my career? Does it even matter? After struggling for so long, the answer isn't what I expected. I was put on this earth to live this life. Things happen for a reason and I... Continue Reading →

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